Scale System

A scale system is made up from four different groups of components and the system designer must select the appropriate components from each group to best suit the application.

These groups are:

Load cells/weight sensors
These are transducers that convert a weight force into an electrical signal. If more than one load cell is used in a scale then a trimmer/summing box must be used to combine the weight signals.

Load receptor/platform frame
This is a mechanical frame mounted on top of the load cell(s) and is used to support the load being measured.
It may be a simple frame or a part of a motorised machine.

The digital weight indicator/scale display converts the electrical signal from the load cell(s) to a calibrated weight value display. This may be a simple weight only display or a more sophisticated device with data and control functions.

Peripheral devices can also form an essential part of the application. They include printers, remote displays, bar code readers, electrical control devices and more.

ATRAX scale components are widely compatible and can be individually selected to create the optimum scale solution
or may be used with other scale equipment to upgrade older or existing scale systems.

Consult Atrax for help with designing the best scale solution for your needs..