In countries or smaller airports where motorised check-in conveyors are not used, static platforms are often used for stationary weighing of airport baggage and connected with standard Atrax ABS960+ scale electronics with dual displays for operator and passenger. Fitted to the top of the platform is a heavy duty stainless steel cover pan which provides an attractive and durable weighing surface.

All Atrax static scales use our OIML and NTEP approved high precision load cells to guarantee accuracy, repeatability and reliability. Height of the scale is 125mm (+- 10mm by means of adjustable feet which allow easy levelling and height adjustment on site).

Although common sizes for this application are 600 x 600mm or 600 x 800mm, other sizes can be custom made upon request. Up to the 600 x 800mm size the static scales can be provided with a single load cell (not allowed in some countries), but from 800 x 800mm upwards four load cell versions are used. The scales can also be installed into single or double bag wells. The most common rating of these scales is 150 x 0.1kg.

Very popular for Out-of-Gauge (OOG) applications is our OOG-1000-1000-125 static scale (1,000 x 1,000 x 125mm), and other sizes such as OOG-800-1200-125 and OOG-1000-1200-125 are also popular. For extra height we supply stainless steel clad plinths to achieve overall heights of 250 and 300mm. The OOG versions can also be supplied with a single display only, rather than both operator and passenger displays. While common scale ratings and scale intervals are 150 or 300 x 0.1kg, the scale can also be operated to 600kg with 0.2kg intervals (although that would require more expensive calibration with 600kg test weights).

These robust static scale products have provided many years of reliable service at airports around the world.