Two important things you need to know to ship cargo – how big and how heavy. Most people use scales to find out how heavy things are but how do you quickly and accurately record how big the cargo is?

The old fashioned way is by hand using a simple tape measure but this is slow, seldom accurate and very difficult to do if the cargo is an irregular shape. Worse still, many people just guess the dimensions because they don’t know better.

Customers often register a smaller volume than actual when delivering parcels to the cargo centre in order to obtain a cheaper freight charge. Sometimes this is due to human error but often it is a deliberate strategy.

Nobody would accept such a vague measurement approach to their bank balance! If you cannot measure it – you cannot control it.

The Atrax Rotating Volume Scanner System (RVSS) eliminates these problems. It is fast, accurate and removes human error. In approximately 3 seconds it takes a 360 degree view of the entire package and calculates the height, width and depth of the object to within 20mm, no matter how “difficult“ the shape may be.

The measurement and volume calculation comply with the international regulatory standards of OIML are in accordance with IATA rules and guidelines for cargo. The RVSS determines the smallest cuboid the package will fit into – no more human error. With the true volume known, the correct charges may be applied and no revenue lost.


Fast (approx 3 seconds)
Accurate (meets OIML R129)
Removes human error (no more hand measurement & guesswork)