Accurate weight data of ULD’s and aircraft pallets during cargo build up and prior to aircraft loading is an essential part of every cargo operation. Choose from Atrax’s range of scales, available with either roller, swivel castor or ball transfer decks as the weighing platform. Each deck may be supported by four or more Atrax precision load cell mounts (SBM-5T) to create a rugged heavy duty and high accuracy weighing machine.

A deck conveying height of either 208mm or 508mm is available. Each deck is a modular design to allow for ease of transportation, simple installation and future extension or relocation.

Side guard rails and multiple swing-up steel stops are available to fit various container sizes and assist with load placement. Any deck can be a single scale platform or a split dual deck with separate load cells built into each half. Each half can be used independently, allowing two separate containers to be weighed simultaneously or the whole deck module used as one combined scale for larger ULD’s.

The dual deck units must connect with an Atrax CDI-1600 or 920i dual channel digital weight indicator to display individual deck weights and combined sum total weight. All other single decks will connect with any Atrax Digital Weight Indicator (DWI).


A heavy duty scale designed specifically for fast and accurate weighing of large containers. This allows loading and unloading in any direction, with steel tip-up container stops in key locations. A full steel deck plate allows safe walking over the scale for manually moving ULD’s. SWIVEL CASTOR DECK
• Muti-directional castors
• Single or dual scale deck
• Suited to both make up and breakdown functions
• Allows change in load direction, without change in orientation


• Width: 2 metres to 3.5 metres
• Length: 4 metres to 9 metres
• Height: 220mm
• Scale capacity: 10 tonne to 20 tonne max


• Multi-directional castors
• Single or dual scale decking
• Suited to both make up and breakdown funtions
• Allows change in load direction without change in orientation