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Fast and accurate pallet and cargo dimensioning

Scanatrax is a static pallet and cargo dimensioning system that delivers fast, accurate and reliable results, with full after-sales support.

Atrax customers report revenue increases of around ten percent when they start charging according to actual measured freight volume using the Scanatrax dimensioning solution.

Removing hand measurement and guesswork makes it fast and easy to uncover the hidden profit in your business, adding directly to bottom line profit. The payback period can be a few months – or even weeks for customers who have high volumes to process. That’s why major express parcel and air cargo hubs from the Middle East, Asia and Oceania use and trust Scanatrax.

Unless your business is accurately measuring freight volumes, you’re leaving money on the table.


Scanatrax is designed, built and supported by Atrax, the global leader in freight weighing, dimensioning and related control systems for the airport and logistics industries.

  • Single-post mount for the smallest footprint & simple installation
  • Rotating lasers for a fast, accurate scan
  • Tolerates bright light, shadow & dust
  • Easy interface to existing equipment & host systems
  • Trade-approved measurements

Over 800 airport sites across 150 countries use Atrax products and systems.

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Features and benefits

A single-post mount maximises clear space for forklift access. The scanner can also be mounted on existing construction columns or suspended from the roof if these are mechanically robust. The scanning arm can park in a pre-selected position between scans to give maximum clearance for fork lift operations.

Two rotating lasers create a 360 degree view of the object, yielding accurate dimensions and volume in two to four seconds, even for irregularly shaped items. Scanatrax rotating lasers are more accurate with fewer errors compared to fixed-track or fixed scan head systems. Rotating lasers scan objects from all sides at 90 degrees, where fixed-track systems must scan the far sides of objects on a sharp angle.

To scan larger objects, the Scanatrax can simply be supplied with a longer beam. This is superior to fixed-track or fixed scan head systems, which can only measure objects that fit within a small defined area.

Save money by choosing a single rotating laser. A single-laser scan takes approximately three or four seconds longer than a two-laser scan. Add a second laser any time for more speed and therefore higher throughput.

Engineered to last, proven internationally in the most demanding industries. The machine controls and electrics are mounted at ground level for easy servicing. Faults are rare – the laser heads simply rotate within a sealed bearing assembly, impervious to the environment and always synchronised. Scan heads are made by SICK of Germany, which makes over 50,000 scan heads each year and invests heavily in R & D.

It’s fast and convenient to weigh and dimension at the same time – use our equipment or yours. Scanatrax can be supplied with various weigh scale, barcode reader and printer options. There are easy interface options with your existing equipment, including customised interfaces with most host systems (RS232, RS485, Ethernet (TCP/IP), Web API, SQL Server, XML file exchange etc.).

No trouble with matt, shiny, or other ‘un-cooperative’ surfaces. The scanner swings neatly out of the way between scans – far less likely to get hit by forklifts than fixed-track systems. Intuitive touchscreen controls.

Remote support direct from the manufacturer and local support wherever you are internationally.

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For more information about the technical specifications of Scanatrax, download the brochure below.

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