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Legal for Trade Passenger Self-Service Scale

Atrax’s mains-powered legal for trade passenger self-service scale speeds up your airport check in process by allowing passengers to weigh their own bags. Use as a courtesy scale prior to check-in, or attach to Self-Bag-Drop kiosks.

The Atrax Scale Well and Upstand unit is widely legal for trade internationally. Featuring sleek, modern design, the passenger self-service scale unit comes in two sizes including a narrow option suitable for use alongside Self-Bag-Drop kiosks.

The stainless steel scale well houses a standard static Atrax scale base of 600 x 600mm, with options for single point or four load cells. The standard OP-960+ display, used in airport check-in conveyor scales, is legal for trade in most countries. We also offer a narrower unit which houses a 460 x 600mm scale, to sit alongside a self-check-in kiosk.


  • Mains-powered customer self-check scale
  • Legal for trade wherever the ABS960+ airport baggage scale is approved
  • Use prior to check in or alongside a kiosk/Self-Bag-Drop system
  • Single load cell, or four load cells for countries like Canada, USA, Russia, Japan & Australia
  • Narrow version fits beside Self-Bag-Drop kiosks or similar devices
  • Optional graphics printing and mounting on front panel

Atrax’s modern passenger self-service scales are designed and built to take the hard knocks.

  • No on-site wiring. Simply plug in one cable plus the power supply.
  • Clear digital readout is easy to see under airport lighting.
  • Durable and reliable.
  • Serial communication port allows connection to computers.
  • Highly attractive design for a modern airport.

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