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Make Check-in Easier with Atrax Passenger Self-Check Scales

Designed for use prior to check-in, Atrax’s modern, digital, battery powered self-check scales unit give passengers a simple and timely way of ensuring the checked bags are not over weight limit.

Self-check scales features

The user-friendly and robust passenger self-check scale unit exhibits the following features:

  • Assists passengers to reduce or redistribute weight between bags should it be necessary.
  • Speeds up check-in by increasing the number of passengers with compliant baggage.
  • Assists airlines and airport staff to ensure that baggage complies with airline requirements.
  • Is attractive and durable, yet lightweight and easy to move.


  • Stable weight reading in under 2 seconds means reduced processing time.
  • Highly visible digital display gives accurate weight readings.
  • An overload capacity of 150kg means passengers standing on it won’t damage the load cell.
  • Large front and rear panels give maximum exposure for instructional of promotional material.
  • When no baggage is detected, the scale goes into standby mode, conserving battry life.
  • The strong, stable and lightweight unit has wheels and is easy to move when required.

More information

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For more information about the technical specifications of the Atrax Passenger Self-Check Scales (Battery Powered), download the brochure below.

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