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A series of highly visible indoor and outdoor displays

Atrax remote displays allow clear, easy viewing of scale information and vehicle guidance messages at a distance of approximately 100m or more, indoors and outdoors.

Enlarge output from a digital weight indicator to display digits of up to 135mm in height for easy reading at distances of 100m and even further.

A large border around the display area enables contrast between the LEDs and the ambient background light to be controlled, allowing easy reading in a wide range of light conditions.


The Atrax LFD-2048+ can display symbols and alpha numeric messages in various colours. Push buttons can easily be wired to the available digital inputs so that pre-selected messages are momentarily displayed on activation. For example, in a truck scale application, an operator could press a remote button on their desk to override the current truck weight displayed with the message “Go” or show a green arrow symbol for 10 seconds to convey to the truck driver it is safe to proceed. This would avoid the necessity for an additional expensive traffic light system.

This remote display can have up to three individually addressed units on the RS-485 multi-drop bus to display weights of scale A, scale B and total weight of A + B. Perfect for individual display of truck, trailer and total combined weights.

Constructed in corrosion resistant extruded aluminium, the LFD-2048+is highly durable. An optional weather shield is also available for outdoor installations.

VESA and pole-mounting options are available for maximum installation versatility.

The front clear lens is easily removed. The display mounting gear plate is hinged and can be folded down, allowing easy access for installation wiring.

An option of wireless connectivity between large figure displays and the Atrax CDI-1600 digital weight indicators is available.

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For more information about the technical specifications of the Atrax LFD-2048 Large Figure Display, download the data sheet below.

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