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A digital weight indicator for modern air cargo and express parcel operations

The Atrax CDI-1600 Advanced Multi-Function Digital Weight Indicator was developed specifically to meet the needs of modern air cargo and express parcel operations.

The specification and enhanced function set of the CDI-1600 allows both stand-alone operation, or integration into a larger system via serial and Ethernet communication interfaces.

System designers can standardise on the CDI-1600 throughout the cargo facility, simplifying user training, parts holding, maintenance and support thereby lowering costs for the owner.

A large colour TFT high-contrast graphics display makes the CDI-1600 very easy to read at a glance with big digits and clear presentation. This full graphics display simplifies set-up and maintenance menus, sophisticated functions can be configured with ease.


The Atrax CDI-1600 Digital Weight Indicator exhibits the following features:

  • Stainless steel enclosure
  • Large colour TFT high contrast display
  • Weight digits from 20 mm to 40 mm high
  • Air cargo data entry/capture enabled (full alphanumeric)
  • Configurable operating modes & user prompts
  • Display up to TWO scales simultaneously (Scale 1, Scale 2 & Total)
  • Power for up to 10 load cells (per scale) at 350 ohm each
  • Expanded 27-Key keyboard with navigation arrows
  • Internal audible piezo buzzer, key press feedback
  • PS2 Qwerty keyboard interface
  • Barcode reader interface
  • Programmable printout data/ticket formats
  • Time & date internal real-time clock
  • 3x digital inputs plus 3 x digital outputs (expandable)
  • Ethernet communications port onboard (network enabled)
  • USB Serial Port – connects with peripherals or memory sticks
  • Two onboard serial ports (RS232 or RS485) expandable
  • Tilt stand or panel mounted
CDI-1600 Digital Weight Indicator - Dual Scale Version | Image

Dual scale version

With the dual scale option, this indicator can display weight data from two scales simultaneously. Both scales are active and are independently weighing at all times. The display can be set to display the weight of both scales at the same time or the total weight of both scales. Connect up to 10 load cells per scale input (20 in total).

Capture additional data

  • Transaction data can be captured and added at time of weighing by using the CDI-1600 front panel, a Qwerty keyboard, barcode reader or other device connected to the CDI-1600
  • The indicator can be configured at set-up to prompt the operator with pre-set questions for data entry. These questions can be defined during the DWI set-up and configuration
  • This captured data can be output to a printer or remote host computer via a serial port or Ethernet connection
CDI-1600 DWI additional data image
Atrax CDI-1600 Digital Weight Indicator: Connect to the World

Connect to the world

The CDI-1600 will connect with everything you might need in today’s cargo facilities, including advanced technology and highly automated systems. The indicator can control its surrounding process using fully configurable I/O. Alternatively, control can be executed from a central system using an extensive range of available interfaces.

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More information

Atrax CDI-1600 DWI (rev 0816) PDF | Thumbnail

For more information about the technical specifications of this unit, download the brochure below.

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