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Atrax’s series of plastic control stations house controls components including push buttons, E-Stops, AS-i safe modules, selector or key switches, and indicator lamps.

With our knowledge of controls systems, investment in Atrax-produced AS-i modules as well as the required moulds and access to cost-effective component suppliers, Atrax has developed a series of control stations, ancillary to the weighing and dimensioning technology Atrax is well known for.

These plastic control stations house controls components such as push buttons (illuminated or non-illuminated), E-Stops (illuminated or non-illuminated), AS-i safe modules if required for the E-Stops, selector or key switches, or indicator lamps.

Durable decals printed with the component action and client logo (upon request) are provided, and units without the AS-i modules can also be provided for hard-wired versions.

The control stations are assembled, tested and packed in our factory, with easy client connection to the convenient AS-i connection.

Sizes available

Four sizes of control stations are available as follows:

  1. Large (145 x 195 x 87.5mm) for up to 8 components (download drawing here)
  2. Intermediate (105 x 195 x 87.5mm) for up to 4 components (download drawing here)
  3. Small (105 x 105 x 87.5mm) for up to 2 components (download drawing here)
  4. Small – Low Profile (105 x 105 x 67.5mm) for up to 2 components (non AS-i) (download drawing here)

Control stations can be quoted according to the required quantity and function types of components required.

Image gallery

Atrax Control Box - 5 button
Atrax Control Box - 2 button (1 large)
Atrax Control Box - 2 button | Control Stations
Atrax Control Box - 3 button | Control Stations

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