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A dedicated soft-start conveyor controller providing a truly ‘plug & play’ solution

The Atrax CCN-8 SoftDrive Conveyor Control Node is a solid-state, soft start motor control device which allows for check-in conveyors to be completely assembled, wired and tested in the factory prior to shipping to site – resulting in a truly ‘plug & play’ solution.

With soft start/stop capability, the CCN-8 SoftDrive enables smooth and quiet operation of check-in conveyor motors up to 0.75 kW. All check-in conveyors can be fitted with identical CCN-8 SoftDrives, simplifying system design and purchasing.

At the customer site, it’s just plug and play, saving expensive controls engineer commissioning time, and the new design provides an elegant field solution for the control of airport check in conveyors. The CCN-8 SoftDrive is an economical means of control that also provides savings in site installation.


  • Plug & play
  • Faster, cheaper site installation
  • Simplifies design & purchasing
  • Smooth & quiet operation

Technical features overview

The CCN-8 SoftDrive can be used with single direction or reversing conveyors. The unit protects the motor from thermal overload. Only an upstream circuit breaker is required for branch short-circuit protection.

3-phase line monitoring of phase sequence and symmetry. Comprehensive status and fault histories are accessible via USB.

The CCN-8 SoftDrive is housed in a rugged slim-line enclosure made from low-smoke, flame-retardant recyclable plastic which allows it to be fitted within the body or trim of a standard check-in conveyor.


The Atrax CCN-8 SoftDrive exhibits the following features:

  • Soft-start AC motor control for smooth, quiet operation
  • Front-panel manual control for convenient belt tracking
  • Economical distributed control saves space
  • Available in AS-i and PROFINET variants
  • Rugged enclosure
  • Firmware options for local intelligence
  • Switched brake control
  • Support for up to 4 sensors (2 external sensor channels mapped via AS-i)
  • Configurable auxiliary I/O
  • USB configuration and diagnostic capability

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