Calculate the centre of gravity of a loaded air cargo pallet with the Atrax Centre of Gravity Scale System

Typically used in military air cargo applications, the Atrax Centre of Gravity (CofG) scale system is used to calculate the position of the centre of gravity for a loaded air cargo pallet. The pallet can be an unusual shape with irregular weight distribution and the CofG accurately determined with the help of a complex mathematical algorithm running inside the 920i digital weight indicator.

The CofG measurement system is normally fitted to a purpose built roller deck divided into modules and supported on multiple load cell weight sensors. The weight signals from each set of load cells is input to the 920i via separate scale channels, processed at high speed then used as the data for the CofG computation. An accurate CofG position is calculated in less than one second, displayed on the 920i front screen and available for output to a printer, large figure display or remote computer.

Atrax Centre of Gravity Scale System graphic | Cargo Scales | 1000px

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