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The Atrax AS-i Interface Modules are AS-i I/O modules with four inputs and up to four outputs.

There are two versions of the AS-i modules; the AS-i GEN I/O Module and the AS-i Ex OP Module. The difference between the two versions is the connection
technology. The AS-i GEN I/O Module is equipped with screw terminals whereas the AS-i Ex OP Module is installed with pluggable connections for actuators and sensors.


  • Slave module with extended addressing for up to 62 slaves.
  • Communication monitoring.
  • LEDs to indicate the current switching state of inputs, outputs, auxiliary supply, AS-i supply and any AS-i fault.
  • Easy installation.
  • AS-i version 2.11 and 3.0 with extended addressing mode. Extremely compact design and convenient mounting enables miniaturisation.

More information

Atrax AS-i GEN I/O & AS-i Ex OP Modules Data Sheet PDF (Rev 11 2021) | Thumbnail

For more information about the dimensions and technical specifications of these modules, download the data sheet below.

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