ATRAX has designed a modern digital cabin bag dimensioning unit to help passengers get their carry-on size and weight right. This stylish unit will enhance airport environments and save airport operations both time and money.

The sleekly designed unit:

* Helps passengers quickly ensure their cabin baggage meets airline requirements prior to check-in.

* Eliminates size disputes with its fixed dimension bag cage and a large, easy to read digital display with fast and accurate weighing.

* Can be used prior to check-in and at boarding gates to identify non-compliant carry- on bags.

* Is battery operated with easily sourced D-cell batteries, meaning no power cables or electrical outlet constraints.


* Assists with on-time flight departure by reducing problems of passengers boarding with oversize/overweight carry-on bags.

* The units provide branding opportunities for airports or airlines.

* The “tilt and wheel” feature makes the units easy to move between departure gates or storage.

* Cost-effective option for airports that takes a pro-active approach in enhancing service to airlines.

* The stylish and user-friendly unit attracts passengers, encouraging them to check their carry-on bags.