• Delivering more features, more programmability and more power for your weight data collection and control system. The 920i effectively combines weight, machine control and data computing functions into the one intelligent package. This weight indicator can operate as a powerful stand-alone data collection and management scale or be integrated into a sophisticated data collection and control system networked to a high level computer facility

• Stainless steel IP66 enclosure
• Large (117 x 86mm W x H) 320 x 240 pixel backlit LCD graphical display
• Four digital input/output channels as standard, expandable to 100 I/O with option cards
• Four independent full duplex data communication ports as standard additional data ports available with dual port option cards
• Network interface with option cards include Ethernet, TCP/IP, Profibus DP, DeviceNet, Control Net
• Connectivity with bar code scanners qwerty keyboard, printers, large figure displays and other devices
• Ten programmable display screens
• 60 configurable operator prompts
• Ultra fast weight update, analog to digital conversion rate up to 960/second
• Two expansion slots for option cards
• Power for up to 16 (350 Ω) load cells for each scale channel
• Up to 32 independent scale channels – with external mounted option cards


With the dual scale option, this indicator can display weight data from two scales simultaneously. Both scales are active and are independently weighing at all times. The display can be set to display both scales and the total weight at the same time or selected to one scale only.